Towards a Cuter Wardrobe: Candy Rain

If you’re into frilly, girly, princess clothing that’s not quite to the point of himeloli, look no further than Candy Rain. YesStyle sells Candy Rain, but you can find a lot of Candy Rain items on eBay for slightly less. It tends to run a little expensive on YesStyle, but you know you’re getting real Candy Rain items when you order from them. The only downside is that eBay usually has a better selection, but you won’t find the listings under Candy Rain. Instead, you’ll have to search for something slightly more generic like “sweet lolita princess blouse/skirt…” If you live in the UK, you can buy from Cutesy Kink‘s shop or order online. They’re the only UK seller of Candy Rain. There’s also a dedicated princess shop on AliExpress called Loliloli Shop that has a better variety of Candy Rain items than YesStyle with prices and shipping being around the same. They also sell lots of other cute himekei lolita type accessories (including tights, socks, hair accessories, hats), shoes, clothing, and underthings, including clothes from a brand called bobon21 (listed as GOGO Girl on YesStyle).htb1-ye3gxxxxxccaxxxq6xxfxxx4Anyway, Candy Rain has some of the cutest items. They’re good quality, but run quite small. Great for petite ladies who like the Japanese princess look. Most of their clothes are in icy colors (great for neutral or cool undertones) such as lavender, mint, baby pink, and baby blue. I’ve only bought a couple of items from them so far, but they certainly haven’t disappointed! The blouse (pictured above) was £18 or about $25. The gray blazer below I bought for $65.


These are also some of the most comfortable frilly clothes I’ve tried. No itchy lace, just adorableness. I also really like the colors. A lot of Asian brands tend to use either neutral colors or colors better for people with warm undertones, but Candy Rain uses colors more suited toward cool undertones. I also like that Candy Rain items easily integrate into everyday wear for people who can’t wear lolita outfits to work.

If you look for this brand on Rakuten, it’s listed under the brand name Snow White.


Towards a Cuter Wardrobe: DreamSwing

Shamefully, I haven’t written in a while. Things were quite busy for me, but it didn’t stop me on my quest toward a wardrobe that I felt expressed my style better. This has for years been my personal mission, and my style is unique and not unique at the same time. It uses the cute, lacey, girly elements of Japanese style (think himeloli, princess, and Victorian styles) and retro styles from the 50’s (full skirts, suspender belts and stockings, polka dot patterns).
As such, over the years, I’ve gathered resources to find items that match my personal taste. I want to share some of the brands and websites I’ve discovered in the past year and share some of the items I’ve bought. So this post series is sort of a mixture of resource sharing and product review. Let’s get started, shall we?


My favorite place to go for most clothes is still They’ve started selling some lolita-wear, though none of the high-end brands like Angelic Pretty or Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. I still lean more toward everyday frilly-wear than full-out lolita clothing. One of my favorite brands is called DreamSwing, or Altalena on YesStyle. It’s a more princess style, but is less elaborate than lolita, making it more suitable for everyday wear. They offer sizes S-L, so unlike a lot of other brands on YesStyle, the clothes fit better. That being said, pay careful attention to the sizing, because it still runs small. If you’re petite like me, that’s great! I like this brand because the quality is very good, and I think the pricing is reasonable. The skirts and dresses are also good lengths (I’m 150cm/4’11”, and they cover about 2/3’s of my thigh, a little more with some items).

l_g0051445118I’ve bought two dresses, a skirt, and a blouse from this brand. They’re my favorite items. First, I bought this skirt. It’s a beautiful pattern with icy colors (I prefer icy colors over dusty pastels, they just work better for my skin tone). It fits great, and sadly, I avoid wearing it so as not to ruin it! It has built-in shorts, which is great for summers and windy days and if you’re planning to ride your bike. The material is very light. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on this skirt! I bought it on sale for £24 (about $37).

l_g0056873220Next, I bought this blouse. I love this blouse. It’s as cute in person as it is in the pictures. It’s well made and fits nicely. Like most women, I do have some difficulty with blouses fitting well in the chest area (puckering at the buttons), and I still get that with this blouse. I bought it in a small, and it fits great everywhere except the chest still puckers a little. Oh, well. It’s still adorable. I ordered this for about $32.

Later, I bought these two items. I’ve never had such heavy dresses! These are truly fall/winter dresses. They’re heavy and cozy and adorable. Who doesn’t like being cozy and adorable at the same time? They’re both fully lined and have invisible zippers on the side. They both have some stretch, but it isn’t as generous as one would expect on knitted items, so be careful with the sizing. Each dress is about $50.

You can also find DreamSwing items on Rakuten.