Foundations for Very Pale Skin

I just came across this fantastic video reviewing foundations for very pale skin. Whenever I have to switch foundations, usually because the one I was using is no longer being made, I struggle to find the right shade. It’s always such a challenge! It is never easy. This video is great, though I found several of the lines she mentions are no longer sold. Having moved from the US to England recently, I’m having to find a new foundation that is available in England, so once again, I will get to face the challenge.

Here’s the article with the video where the products are also listed:

Brightening Up Your Eyes When You’re Very Pale

When I was younger, people used to make fun of me for my almost ghostly pale skin. I always kind of liked it, though. In a way, enjoying my pale skin, not using bronzer, tan-in-a-bottle, or intentionally spending hours in the sun just to darken my skin was my way of rebelling against the tanned-look fad. Besides, shouldn’t you love what you already have? It makes for a much happier you.

There are challenges to being porcelain-skinned, though, especially when it comes to finding the right shade of makeup. My whole life has been bouncing from one makeup brand to another, looking for a shade light enough for my skin. Once I would find one, the line or brand would always inevitably disappear!! It was always so frustrating. Right now what I use for liquid foundation now that works flawlessly is Laura Mercier’s Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide in Crème (this is the neutral undertone shade) and for powder Korres Wild Rose Mineral Foundation in Porcelaine (which is actually a bit too dark, but I still have a full container, so I make it work). For concealing, I’ve found nothing that works better than Cover FX Total Cover Cream (which is actually what has now replaced what I have–go figure) in N0. Granted that the new line is the same as the old one, it’s a bit pricey, but it’s worth the splurge and will last you ages.

Now the tricky part: for covering up those dark under eye circles and brightening up around the eyes, when you’re just short of being ghost white and need a lighter shade, what do you use? Use white!

I found on Amazon UK a white mineral concealer from JTshop. JTshop also has its own website with free shipping. I love this concealer, because it’s very creamy and very pigmented. A little goes a very long way. So I like to use this first under my eyes and cheek bones to blend it out a bit (like in this video). Then I put the Cover FX concealer over it to give it a skin color rather than white. I also like using the white concealer above my eyes just under my eyebrows to brighten my eyes up. It works fabulously.