Some Thoughts on Breast Health and Natural Breast Enhancement

For a long time, I treated my breasts like I treated my arms and legs. I basically moisturized my arms, legs, and torso and forgot about them. Recently, I started thinking, though… I do all this special stuff for my face. I have a meticulous routine for taking care of my face and using anti-aging products and applying antioxidant exhibiting products and always have treated it differently from the rest of my body. Well, it didn’t occur to me until recently that my breasts aren’t like the rest of my body at all. Arms and legs are mostly muscle and bone, and the skin on these areas is usually pretty sturdy. The breasts aren’t muscle or bone–not even a little, and the skin is very thin and delicate. Therefore, breasts should be given special treatment just like the face should.

What kind of treatment should the breasts get? Well, I started thinking how can I nourish the breasts, meaning the skin and the tissue. One of the things I’ve learned is how toxins tend to build up in fatty areas of the body, and the breasts are one of the fattiest areas of the body. This means it tends to be an area where a lot of toxins build up. What can be done about this? Massage.

There are many massages out there for the breasts, and many different techniques depending on what you’re wanting out of the massage. Massaging helps increase blood flow, which helps move toxins out of the breast tissue and fat. It also stimulates cell growth, which has an anti-aging effect on the skin and tissue. So this led me to a couple of different types of massages: lymph massage, which is really about moving bad stuff out of the breasts, and breast enhancement massage, which helps stimulate all the cells and tissue that make breasts … well, breasts. This is the breast massage that I started doing, and bought the book Breast Massage and Acupressure: for Improved Breast Health and Increased Fullness. Of the breast massages from the book, I just picked four that I felt were easy to do (a couple which are a technique known as fat brushing) and just made a routine of doing massages before bed. It wasn’t long before I started noticing that my breasts weren’t as hard, and my breast pains went away. Instead, my breasts were both firm but soft, whereas before I had some stiffness and often had trouble with breast pain, especially in conjunction with PMS. My breasts were also fuller and perkier. In addition to doing these massages, I started using IsoSensuals breast enhancement cream, a non-hormone-based cream. My logic was that this would provide moisture and nutrients that breasts need to stay healthy and young, and applying it topically should be effective. I didn’t use it as directed: I only applied it once a day before bed instead of twice a day. My goal wasn’t really breast enhancement, but it really did help keep the skin well hydrated. I can’t say that I’ve noticed a difference in terms of size. I haven’t outgrown any of my bras, but as I said, that wasn’t what I was going for.

I did that for a few months and did end up getting some growth pains, so I guess as a side benefit, I was getting some breast enhancement. About a week ago, I decided to buy some supplements that would continue with the good things my topical cream and massages were doing. I started looking around and stumbled across this Japanese woman named Chiyomilk. She used natural supplements, massage, and fat brushing for three years to go from a B cup to an I cup. My brain still doesn’t know what to do with that. It ended up being a great resource for finding supplements that would be good for breast health, though, since the idea is to give the breasts what they need to grow, which should be the same things the breasts need to stay young and healthy, too, right?

So the products Chiyomilk uses are really expensive. She invests a lot of money into her supplementation. I decided Amazon carried plenty of supplements that were the same, but less expensive, and probably still just as good–or good enough anyway. I ended up ordering some collagen I and II tablets with vitamin C (they’re so small, I can actually take them!), and I also ordered bovine ovary. The idea behind it is that like cures like. It makes sense if supplement all the nutrients found in breast that it will be beneficial for your breasts, right? My only concern with it is that it can effect hormones, and I’m just finally getting those all in order! (More on that later.)

But anyway, after reading about what Chiyomilk accomplished (and seeing pictures on her Japanese website, which be forewarned show nude breasts, but if you’re okay with that proceed to here), I couldn’t help but look at my breasts sans bra and feel unsatisfied. I wear a 28DD in Freya bras, a 65D in Chinese bras, and a 65E in Japanese bras, but my breasts themselves are not that impressive! I couldn’t help but consider trying natural approaches to go up a cup size or two–nothing as dramatic as Chiyomilk, but some enhancement.

One of the popular ways of getting results relatively quickly is using breast enhancement pumps. They work by pulling the breast tissue away from the chest, creating a gap that the body then fills with new tissue. Over time, this creates larger breasts by stimulating new tissue growth. Prices can range a lot. I’ve seen some $30 pumps on Amazon, but with something like that you want to be careful. The breasts are delicate, and you don’t want to destroy them through being cheap. Most websites I’ve read about breast enhancement pumps on recommended pretty much the same three brands. There’s the Noogleberry, which is the least expensive (around $80), but is a manual pump and takes the longest to see results with. There’s also the middle of the road in terms of expensive called the Bosom Beauty (about $160), which is an electric pump that self-manages the pressure, and you can see results in about 8 weeks using it 15-30 minutes a day. The most expensive one, the Brava bra, is really meant for being slept in. You wear it 10 hours a day, and it costs $2,000 (yikes!). For a lengthier discussion and review of these systems, you can read this.

I feel like the Bosom Beauty is probably the best choice. It is a little more expensive than the Noogleberry, but my biggest concern is with being able to properly manage the pressure. It’s also nice that it doesn’t require nearly as much of a time commitment, which I feel like I don’t have enough time as it is to do the things I want. I also feel like using supplements that help balance hormones and supplements or creams that provide what the body needs to keep the breasts healthy will also make a big difference.

In my next post, I want to talk more about hormones, as I’ve been going through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and want to share what I’ve learned.