Lip Balm That Actually Nourishes? (This Lip Balm Saved My Lips!)

I know it sounds crazy! Maybe you’re like me and run-of-the-mill lip balms don’t impress you: you smear it on, and it just seems to sit there. It doesn’t really do anything. For years, I walked around with lips that almost always looked chapped. In reality, they actually weren’t. They weren’t dry at all. They just had this layer of dried skin on the top that made for an unpolished look and made attractively applying lipstick impossible. This is just another area affected by seborrheic dermatitis for many, and certainly one that made me very self-conscious (and a chronic lip-chewer) for many years.

l_g0045889289I had pretty much given up on lip balms. I tried Burt’s Bees, I tried Hoorah!, I tried all the natural ones, I tried oils … Nothing really worked. Then I recently chanced upon a great find. I was doing my usual Asian cosmetics shopping and noticed Kose collagen lip balm. I liked the packaging, thought the idea of collagen in a lip balm seemed sensible, it was under $5, and I thought it was something different from what I’ve tried. I was already ordering some other items, so I decided to take a chance and add it to my cart. There was another lip balm that had hyaluronic acid in it, and I decided to try that one as well.

While the hyaluronic acid lip balm wasn’t super impressive (too much sunscreen in it, it has a very sunscreen-y flavor), the collagen lip balm is amazing! I use it every morning and evening, and my lips have not once gone dry or gotten the dry layer over that they used to, even though we are now having wintery weather (windy and temps below 20F). My lips finally look like a normal person’s lips! This lip balm saved my lips! It took a few days of use to get my lips fully used to it and prevent that dry layer from forming: I had to exfoliate my lips before applying this when I first started. Now, I still do some light exfoliation, but nothing like what I had been doing before I found out about this lip balm. Another thing I like about it: you can apply it and feel it get absorbed. It isn’t just a layer that sits on top of your lips. It actually is a lip moisturizer. Why had I never heard of a lip moisturizer before? We moisturize every other part of our face. Why not our lips, too?

If you’re on the market for a better lip balm, I highly recommend trying this one! As with most of my cosmetics, this also comes from YesStyle.