☆.。.:*About Me.。.:*☆


A true romantic, I’m inspired by Japanese fashion and lolita style and all things frilly, lacy, girly, and elegant. I believe in femininity, and my love of these clothing styles is a way that it bubbles to the surface. One of my greatest passions is to share what I know with others, so I started this blog to share shopping resources and brand/product reviews, especially for petite ladies and girls who also would like to add the frill and lace of lolita fashion into their everyday wear, as well as product reviews for my fellow curlies. Skincare is also a big area I’ll be covering, as my skin has always been difficult to manage, and I hope to help anyone else who struggles with the same skin problems I have faced.

My hobbies include studying languages and linguistics, studying the art of etiquette and elegance, as well as drawing, sewing, baking, and lots of reading. My biggest investment for language study has been Japanese (going on nine years of study), and I spend quite a bit of time playing otome games. I’m a great fan of Victorian literature, especially Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and other popular Victorian stories such as Jane Eyre.

☆.。.:*About Lolita Fashion.。.:*☆

What is lolita? If you’re unfamiliar with Japanese fashion, it probably sounds very risque. Lolita fashion is characterized by ultra-feminine presentation. It’s a whole picture approach, though I try to implement bits and pieces of it into my life rather than invest a fortune in outfits I can only wear occasionally. My inspiration comes from himeloli (princess style) and classical lolita. These styles are typified by the sweet innocence of girlhood with the frills, lace, and skirt shapes of Victorian dresses. It’s quite a large movement even in the West with many variations.

☆.。.:*About this Blog’s Name.。.:*☆

As you may know, (o)ningyou (お人形) is Japanese for doll. Many times throughout my life (even when not wearing dolly clothing), I’ve been likened to a doll, probably because of my petite 151cm/4’11” frame, porcelain skin, and 3A twirly curly hair. Over the years, I’ve learned to embrace this, and it seems appropriate for someone who enjoys lolita and similar clothing and who embraces femininity and all that entails.

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