Towards a Cuter Wardrobe: Poetic License

Shoes. I’m so particular about my shoes. They have to be cute with something interesting on them, but at the same time I don’t want them to outshine my outfit. I love heels, but the heels must be delicate: not too high and not too chunky, but still sturdy so I don’t feel like I’m walking on toothpicks. Most shoes that meet these requirements are inspired by retro shoes. Meet:

・゚:*Poetic License*:・゚

This is a brand I recently stumbled across on ModCloth. You can purchase directly from the Poetic License website, or other stores online (Amazon included).

These are the two shoes I bought. I love the big ribbons, the scalloping, and the vibrant colors on these shoes. As of yet, I haven’t worn them enough to be able to review them on comfort, but I can say that the heel is perfect: delicate while still being stable. The designs are quite colorful and these should could be the focal point for an outfit. That being said, I feel like they have the potential to outshine a cute dress or skirt, but it can still work. These shoes are good quality, but I would have liked to have had more cushioning on the insole. You can find these at a wide variety of prices. The blue-laced shoes were $79, while the lavender-laced shoes were $140.

Poetic License has a pretty wide variety of styles, so I definitely recommend visiting their website or shopping around a little.


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