Makeup Application When You Have Seborrhea Dermatitis

It’s been a few years since I noticed those annoying little scales appear that develop in oily areas, and it took a couple more years for me to find out what that actually was. Putting a name to it doesn’t really change anything, but now at least I can share my struggles with seborrhea dermatitis with other people. Makeup application has since this development in my skin also been an issue, because no matter what I do the night before or the morning of, I always have some amount of scaling on my face that isn’t obvious until I put my makeup on. Once the makeup is on and the scales on my face (usually around my eyes or nose) are obvious, getting them to disappear is a lot harder. I’ve tried using brushes, sponges, and different makeup application techniques just using my fingers, switching to powder, trying different primers, different moisturizers, different exfoliation techniques, but they all had essentially the same result: the makeup always ended up accentuating any scaling on my face.

I recently bought a Beauty Blender to see if it’s any good. I wasn’t thinking so much about trying to solve this issue with scaling, because I thought it was a lost cause. However, much to my delight, using the Beauty Blender made a world of difference! Stippling my liquid foundation on with the Beauty Blender not only applied my makeup really nicely, but there was no scaling to be seen on my face, and I’m pretty sure the scales haven’t just suddenly disappeared in fear of my new makeup sponge. The Beauty Blender is a bit pricey by anybody’s standards, but there must be something different about the texture compared to other makeup sponges that makes it ideal for applying makeup to skin that may have some scaling. The amount of scaling on my face is probably very low since overhauling my skincare routine (sulfate-free facial cleanser, nightly exfoliation with a coarse washcloth, and starflower seed oil in the evenings) when comparing to others, so I can’t speak for people who may have a more severe case of this skin condition. Nonetheless, it is worth a try for anyone who is facing similar challenges.

I hope this was helpful for you!