The Path to Becoming a Princess❤お姫さまになる道

For a long time, I’ve been very interested in etiquette and elegance. This includes how to interact with others in a kind and warm way, especially in difficult circumstances, how to carry oneself in a graceful, feminine manner, and of course, appearance. In short, for many years, I’ve been studying to become a princess. (That makes it sound so much more appealing, right?)


How we treat others. How should a princess treat people? How do you use your words? Do you tear people down? Do you swear often?


Moving like a petal in the breeze. Think ballerina, like you’re dancing your way through life with dramatic music in the background. This requires practice and a concerted effort.


Dress, delicate gestures, what do you look like when you’re just standing there? Self-awareness is key.








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